Our beautiful park is built within a valley, which gives it its unique setting that is absolutely gorgeous. Due to the terrain there are some fairly steep parts of the park and side by side double buggies can be a bit difficult to take around, we do hire out baby carriers if you haven’t got your own, and need one. We advise you to wear sensible footwear and to enjoy all our shows talks and encounters on your way around the park.

Remember the animals and birds are wild so please do not cross the barriers or touch the birds as they might bite!

Please do not feed the animals with anything other than the suitable food available as you could make them very ill.

Litter – Please dispose of your litter carefully in order to protect the wildlife in the park.

No chewing gum is allowed on the park.

Sorry but Dogs are not allowed in the park as we have free roaming animals.

Drivers can get the car and then collect the other members of the party at the bottom of the Drive