We believe this is unique in the UK, a chance to get even closer to 2 wild male Lions.

Big Cat Experience DevonOur Lion Keeper will take you behind the scenes and teach you all about the feeding laws of the jungle. How Leo, our alpha male gets first priority, and the role that his brother plays.

The sheer magnitude of their awesome power close up is magnificent. Their growl reaches deep into your soul, yet at all times you’ll be safe and secure even if our Lions are within touching distance.

Animal Experiences DevonTime and time again we are told that this experience is one that will stay with you forever.

At only £40 per person, you need to book early for this one; either in advance online, or upon arrival at the Park on the day before 2pm (subject to availability) minimum age 16 years.

It only operates once a day at 4pm.

The cost also includes your very own photo taken by our park photographer.

Your Experience will include the following:

Introduction to staff members and safety talk.

Introduction to the Lions close up.

You will be shown how we feed the lions and we explain the purpose of use, blowing a whistle after the lion performs a behaviour.

You will then be able to have a go at rewarding the lion after it has performed a behaviour that the lead feeder has asked for. You will do this 3 times for 3 different behaviours.

You will then be offered the opportunity to ask the Lion for Behaviours and provide the reward yourself.

You will find this an extremely rewarding experience feeding a Lion. You will find out all the benefits this type of feeding has to the keepers, who are able to keep check on the Lion’s health by seeing them close up.

You will receive a free photo taken by our Park photographer with the opportunity to buy more.

Do not miss this fantastic opportunity!

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