Dinosaur Valley

Travel back in time when Dinosaurs walked our earth! Lurking amongst the tropical trees in the depth of the atmospheric valley you will come face to face with ferocious Spinosaurus, a family of Triceratops and our very own British Dinosaur, the vicious Neovenator! Watch out for the young T-Rex lurking round the corner, his mother is close behind!

The Dinosaurs were relocated from the ‘Lost World’ in Asia as part of an international breeding program using the very latest in genetic engineering. We are aware that previous attempts went terribly wrong for Jurassic Park but we hope that our security and fire arms team can prevent any Dinosaurs escaping the perimeters of our Park!

Spinosaurus2 (1) dino2highres triceratops fam


New for 2017!

Come and enjoy our new Animatronic Dinosaurs in the updated atmospheric Domain of the Dinosaurs.

Some of the new additions include a huge Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus and Allosaurus.

They look forward to scaring you!!